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Big Ben

"I have the confidence about my life that comes from standing tall on my own to feet.
-Jane Honda 


Big Ben the Stilt Walker

Big Ben is a stilt walker who will bring some visibility to your brand.  Some people are hard to miss, and Big Ben is one those people who just stand out in the crowed.  Standing heads and shoulders above the rest he will entertain you guests with jokes and whimsy. 

Book Big Ben for your next business opening or corporate event where you want the festival vibe.  Dressed to impress Benny will always be the hight of fashion. 

Stilt walkers often come in pairs or groups which will save the requirement of minders and will also double the size of the spectacle.  Benny has a rack of other stilt walking friends he often works with.  


Whatever the event please drop us a line any time and we'll do all we can to help. Just click on Contact.  

red and white Stilt walker
Dancing stilt walker
big stilt walker
2 stilt walkers
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