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"I’ve carved the puppet, and I manipulate the strings, but while it’s on stage, the show belongs to the puppet."

- Guy Davenport


The Puppeteer

Where as some puppeteers specialise in one type of control method Benny loves to use a variety of techniques to bring his characters to life.  He works with marionettes as well as rod and hand puppets.

We all need more puppets in our lives. Different characters give us a chance to see the world differently.  Benny runs puppet workshops all across Australia for kids.  He brings cases of puppets so everyone can have a go at bringing an inanimate doll to life.  This allow quite kids to shine as they talk through someone else.

A few years ago Benny got a chance to be the head puppeteer on a production called Bobby the Bear.  He was forced to push his puppeteering skills to the limit as every scene had a new obstacle we had to over come.  You may have seen one of these lavender bears at the shop but did you know Bobby had his own TV show?

If you would like to book a puppet workshop and have Benny bring in an hour of comedy show with lots of hands on participation send us an enquiry via the button below.  


Puppet Show
Evil Puppet

Bobbie the Bear

Bobbie the bear
Bobby the bear
Bobbie the bear
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