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"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that."
A. Dumbledore


Benny The Magician

Benny has been wowing audiences for more most of his life.  His eclectic nature, variety of skills and passion for creating novel yet beautiful magical experiences has made him a favourite and 'go to guy' for many agents.  Known as the performer who'll turn up and work in any environment Benny is the entertainer people know they can call when no one else is able.  

He is proud of his art-form and has spent decades honing his craft and working with 100's of people like you so he can offer the tailored entertainment package you you.  Benny creates a unique blend of belly laughing audience participation with a wide variety of toner inducing magical moment that will leave event the most skeptical scratching their head. 

Birthday parties and coming age events take up most of Benny's weekends although you may also see him time to time wowing larger crowds at festivals or in circus's. No group to large or small, no venue to difficult Benny will do what he can to make your event spectacular.

Just click on the Contact button below Sao we can get your party started.  

Cutting a woman in half magic
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