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Benny has a variety of characters that may be suitable for your event.  Characters are a great way to add variety to an act.  As Benny is an accomplished magician, circus performer and physical comedy performer each one of these have their own nuances, personalities and special ways to lighten up an event.


For the Kids 

Bo the Clown

For the Streets 

Solas the Fool

Orsini the Roman Enchanter

Jack Fellow the Venetian Street Hustler

For the Adults

Boozo the Clown

Silence the Mime

Dr Karva the Mysterious Surgeon

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Hi, I'm Bo.  #Oh No Bo

Clowns are fun people who are wonderful at cheering up little ones and bringing out the giggles in even the most stoic adult.  Bo has the heart of a child and sees the world through young eyes.  

Kids love helping Bo out as he tries to get his show started.  Bo has a heart of gold and is always there to make your event run smoothly.


Some people say they are scared of clown but then completely forget that when around Bo.  He is always well dressed and has face that makes everyone relaxed around him.  

To hire Bo click on the Contact button below.

bandw sad.jpeg

Solas is a classical fool.  Garbed in medieval pantaloons and a checkered top Soals looks like he fell out of a movie.  He juggles and does tricks to amuse his crowd of bemused onlookers.


Orsini the Roman Enchanter works his magic around tables or through common grounds.  Be warned after he captures your ear and tell you a tale of one his far off adventures he may put his hand out for a coin. 


Jack Fellow is a fast talking street con artist.  Can you follow his hands or will he fool you like he did the Spanish Queen?

Stree Characters

If you would like one of these zany characters at your party or event click on the button here and send us an enquiry, alternatively feel free to send messenger or raven although Benny may take a little longer to reply.  

Characters not really suitable for children.

Boozo is the clown nobody wants to have at their party.

Nobody should book Boozo. 

He is grotesque, sexist and a complete narcissist.  


Boozo will will hurl insults at everyone you care about, will do as little work as possible and then complain that your food is cold. 


Do not book Boozo. 


There's not much to be said.  

Silence is a man of few words.  

Dr Karva is a surgeon.  Of what nobody knows.  He likes to measure heads and has a fascination with hands.  

Watch grown men run away when he slithers up to them and shows off his roll of medical tools.  

Dr Karva is a great addition to a Halloween party or guest to invite if you want to scare someone really badly.  Definitely not suitable for kids.

Adult Charactes
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