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Captain Bubbles

"If you love something, set it free."
Abraham Lincoln


Captain Bubbles

Captain Bubbles brings the bubble fun to your party.  What can you expect at a Captain Bubble Party?

Fancy bubbles?  Check!

Big Bubbles?  Check!

Photo opportunity inside a bubble?  Check!

A chance for all your guests to make their own bubbles?  Check!

Bubbles make for fabulous party entertainment and re even great addition to festivals and markets.  No child, nor adult can resist the urge to run up and pop a bubble.  Even when it is larger than they are.  

Captain Bubbles brings towels and everything required for good clean fun and dry.  

To book or make an enquiry fill out an enquiry form by clicking the contact icon below.  

Big Bubble
Person in Bubble
Captain Bubbles
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