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Whimsical entertainment for kids and families.
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Are you after some magic for your family event, child's party or coming of age party?  If so read on.

If you are looking for something a little different check out what I have available under 'Other Entertainment' in the above menu or read about the other options below in my 'About Benny'

Benny is a family entertainer with a boat-load of experience.  He has performed at countless birthday parties and even toured with the circus for a bit as a ring master and magician.  


I want to make sure your little ones have a mystifying and enchanting day and am happy to work with you to create a memorable event for them, and you.  

What can you expect form Benny's new children's shows? Lots of laughs, gasps and participation.  Although Benny is an extremely accomplished and award wining sleight of hand artist he feels that what is really required is engagement to make everyone feel like they are part of the wonder.


If i'm not performing or rehearsing for my next show you may be able to catch me for a chat via the little purple icon on the right.  

Are you ready to book your show?  Just jump straight to Contact and fill out the form and we can go from there. 


Benny has been called the jack of all trades, master of most by some.  What does this mean?  For some reason you want something else other than a wholesome fun magic show, Benny can offer a variety other characters entertainment for your event.  

Captain Bubbles.  Bubble shows are all the rage right now.  This is more than just a show this is an opportunity for everyone to make their own super sized bubbles.

Balloon Benny.  If you are already booking a jumping castle or face painter a balloon twister can be an incredible addition to your party.  

The Puppet Master.  If you are looking for something to inspire the very young sometimes puppets are more approachable than new adults. 

Bo the Clown.  Bo has the heart of a 4 year old.  Classically trained and just so beautiful he makes an amazing addition to a youngsters party or as roving entertainment for an event.

Big Ben.  Benny is an accomplished stilt walker and with his very long legs would love to stroll by to say 'High'


Game Show Time.  With social distancing becoming the norm Game Show time is an event that allows you to still play games with all your friends even if they are in a different place.   


What is Enchanting Entertainment?  

It means magic with a smile.  It means transporting children and adults alike to place where the imagination can run free through magical special effects and engaging story.  Wonder is everywhere if we just put in little bit of planning; and that's what I am here to do for you.  


Under age range select all ages for 1st birthdays.

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